Monday, July 16, 2012

Zonotopia and the Two Trees : Project Update Two

First build of the Silver Tree of Zonotopia was a great success!

File:House of Fabergé - Rose Trellis Egg - Walters 44501.jpg
All the parts did what they were supposed to do and right now the structure stands in the Zomadic studios like a giant FabergĂ© egg.

We designed and cut a temporary pedestal to support the Zome.

In no time we have something sprouting from the floor.

Everything is going together like clockwork. The tolerances are perfect! No soap or sanding required.

Another ten panels fall into place.

It's exciting to see how quickly it comes together.

Within an hour we've reached the equator.

An there's the equator. Happily we were able to spin the Zome around and around as we assembled. This saved a lot of time especially for the upper portions as we never had to re-position our ladder.

Our race to the top stalled when a couple of mis-labeled parts were discovered. Doh!

Problem identified and corrected - the build continues.

Finally at the end of the day we're at the top with inches between the top of the Zome and the ceiling. All the parts have worked beautifully together.

In the morning all the panels and top struts are in place.

The top plate ready.

And it's done. It worked!

The Silver Tree of Zonotopia standing tall.

Right after our first build I gave a slide show presentation at Prepare for the Playa. It was great to see so many friends there excited about Burningman this year and our project.

zome mani padme zome

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