Thursday, October 17, 2013

SF Decompression 2013

The Crystal Chalet

The Crystal Chalet at SF Decompression 2013

It's been since 2009 that we set up a zome and participated in San Francisco's Burning Man Decompression Event. It was on this beautiful, sunny and warm day that we created an original new zome design utilizing the modular parts from our Burning Man art project this year Zonotopia and the Quasicrystalline Conjunction.

The Crystal Chalet with 3D printed model.

The Crystal Chalet was a popular destination and point of reference for many people all day. The structure is 16' tall with two doors and wooden tiled floor. It takes two hours to build.

Design model of the Crystal Chalet

The Crystal Chalet is a four frequency spirallohedron. It is a beautiful design using 44 rhombic panels from the Quasicrystalline Conjunction Zome. Look for more exciting new designs coming soon!

The floor tiling pattern

And like on the playa the floor is tiled with projections of the overhead rhombs.

zome mani padme zome
-Rob Bell

Thank you everyone on the Zome Crew

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