Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day of the Dead Festival, San Francisco

On November 2nd of 2009 we set up our Zome for the third time, in Garfield Park, San Francisco.

This installation was our first totally free to the public display. And while it was only up for about 10 hours it seemed as if it was appreciated by more people than the previous two events combined.

In terms of assembly and disassembly this time was very good.

Assembly took 1 hour 45 minutes. Disassembly took half that time. Pretty manageable. Tools used: soap, ladder and a mallet.

Thank you to our many friends, old and new, who came to help with the assembly and participate in the event.

For hours it was standing room only inside and out.

The Zome sheltered our Altar - The Altar of Zomatitlan. A colorful, smaller four frequency zome built with papel picado style faces and illuminated from within with candles.

For many the Zome and the Altar provided the ideal environment to remember and acknowledge the wisdom, memory and love of their ancestors, family and friends who have passed away.

The event, provided with a full moon and clear, warm weather, created a very beautiful and powerful evening.

Zome Mani Padme Zome


Gay said...

Rob, THANKS! Beautiful zome, and such an appropriate use for that special form. The buzz of appreciation and wonder it evoked in people, both those seeing it from a distance, and those who could actually get up close and inside, was inspiring. It just had so much heart. I'm grateful to have been able to be there.

caracole said...

Beau reportage sur l'utilisation des Zomes.