Thursday, September 14, 2006

Naming 'The Bot'

I don't know why people feel the need to anthropomorphize important objects in their lives by assigning proper names.

Yet I too feel the urge.

Yes I say. Let us give the Shopbot a name and we can coyly refer to him/her daily with a wink and nod as we talk about what 'Botty' or 'Betty' or 'BigDog' is up to.

It'll be fun and other people will join in and soon we'll all be saying, 'Conad can cut that acrylic up, lickety split!'

But then again, that's all pretty pointless and silly. Maybe we should grow up a little and get back to work. Harrumph!

..ok, I can walk this line.

Let us say that on a daily basis the Shopbot shall be referred to by the ubiquitous and efficacious appellation 'The Bot'. However, formally, for signing checks and stuff like that The Bot shall also have a proper name.

In homage to Scott Adams I present...

Shopbert !

Can you tell? He's smiling :-)

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