Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Come and Shake your Bootiesattva!

Dance Party Fundraiser

When: 9pm, July 11th, 2009
Where: Zomadic Fabrication Studio, 542 Alabama St. San Francisco, Ca MAP

Music Main Shop Floor:
DJ - Diet
DJ - Juan Data
DJ - Bridge

Zomadic Wizardry on the Big Screen:
VJ - Zomad

Delectable nourishment provided by The Magic Curry Cart

Events and Experiences:
Preview a scale model of the Bootiesattva Zome.
Achieve instant Nirvana in the Dome of Enlightenment!
Table Saw Dancing - watch yer step!
Meet Shopbert the robot - do not taunt!
Swag for the taking...
..and Zomitas for sale.

Entry Donation $10 and up
$25 VIP Pass for entry and refreshments...

More Party details to come...check back!!

Prepare for the Playa

In August we'll be joining our friends at Prepare for the Playa

Connecting you to everything you need for the BURN!

What :
Fashion shows
Playa 'U' how to clinics
Live entertainment & Performance
...and all the playa specific and playa friendly products & fashions from local Burner-Prenuers!

When :
12pm-8pm 8/1 , 8/22 & 8/23

Where :
The Artist Grotto and North Parking Lot of
The Sports Basement
1590 Bryant Street, SF

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Bodhisattva Zome

The spiral is the most ancient symbol found on every civilized continent

The spiral of nature, art, mathematics - a constant form at all scales which revolves around itself ever evolving upward towards syntropy, synergy, life, concousness and enlightenment. The duality of the spiral embodies the cyclical nature of birth and rebirth and the escape therefrom.

On the Playa enter the Zome Mani Padme Zome and begin the evolutionary journey; the cycle or birth and rebirth thru a spiral labyrinth of luminarias ever evolving inwards, ever evolving upwards, sometimes setback but ultimately finding the sacred lotus zome at the center - the Bodhisattva. A sacred space where experiences happen.


From Duality a union is formed
a Unity thus begotten.
A future child of hope and love
and a past not forgotten.

zome mani padme zome