Sunday, December 14, 2008

uSpeak iEnglish?

As my voluntary step towards hive mind assimilation I recently bought myself an iPhone. It is to my previous cheap-ass pos celphone as a bow and arrow to a pointed stick; it's a whole new game.

A small and common complaint I've heard and shared regarding text message composition is that an action must be taken to avoid spelling corrections rather than to allow.

This has come up for me many times with that most versatile of words 'fuck'. If I peck out 'fuck' my iphone happily corrects that to 'duck'. I type 'fucking', my small off board brain merrily changes it to 'ducking'. Somehow the phrase 'Duck, thats ducking rad!!' doesn't have the impact I'm looking for.

But wait, today an iSolution presented itself. Apparently, " fuckin' " is a valid dictionary entry - which makes some sort of sense I suppose. So I need only type "fuckin" and my phone takes care of the apostrophe.

Fuckin' Sweet! Wanna duck?